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Landscape Construction Foreman-Bellingham WA

Bellingham, WA
The Landscape Construction Foreman is responsible for working with and directing a work crew in the performance of the work assigned to the crew on that day. The Foreman is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment, quality control and meeting production targets as well as seeing that customers’ needs are being met.

Candidate must be able to pass drug testing and have a clean Driving Abstract for company vehicle usage.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • See that the crew performs all work assigned to it in an efficient and safe manner within the budgeted hours
  • Assure that the work is performed to the highest quality standards in accordance to the job specification
  • Respond to any specific requests of the client while on site working for the client
  • Notify the supervisor of work requests that are not within the scope of work as specified
  • Train the crew members on the proper techniques for performing regular tasks
  • See that all equipment is secure, and the site is clean and organized upon leaving the worksite
  • Oversee time cards and ensure that the crew members adhere to administrative requirements
Other Responsibilities:
  • Report equipment and tool problems to the supervisor at the end of each day
  • Report unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately
  • Report accidents to the office as soon as possible
  • Assist in performance reviews of employees on your crew
Required knowledge and skills:
  • Ability to perform in general landscaping, soils, sod, mulch, planting, seeding, and associated tools
  • Ability to interpret landscape and construction plans
  • Knowledge of small to medium equipment such as skid steer, Dingo, excavator, trencher, stump grinder, compactor, chainsaw, and cutoff saw. How and when equipment can and should be used and safe operation
  • Knowledge and Ability in general carpentry such as decks, fences, arbors, forming for concrete, and proficient with associated carpentry tools
  • Knowledge and Ability to use a transit, laser level, standard level, string lines, to establish level, slopes, general grading, elevations and establish square and parallel lines, etc.
  • Ability to schedule work and job sequencing for a crew of 2-5 crew members. Leadership and motivation of crew members.
  • Ability to make materials list and organize procurement of materials for use in landscape, hardscape, carpentry, etc.
  • Knowledge in the use of email, cell phone and tablet apps for communication, pictures, texts, and timekeeping.
  • Assist managers with performance reviews of crew members.
  • Responsibility for establishing and maintaining safety standards and appropriate personal protective equipment associated in landscape construction. Conduct safety meetings and oversight with crew members
Performance metrics:
  • Hours to budget
  • Quality scores
  • Retained customers
  • Number of accidents
  • Number of call backs
  • Satisfactory client satisfaction survey
Success Behaviors:
  • Reports to work in a timely fashion
  • Good leadership skills
  • Able to inspire workers to work to their best ability
  • Has bilingual skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Able to hold team members accountable
Pay Range DOE
Paid holidays
Job Type: Full-time
  • Foreman: 5 year
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